How do you keep up with all of the changes to rules and regulations? There are now up to 20 different state and federal regulatory bodies that have fingers in your practice. Do you want to spend hour after hour sorting through proposed rules and tedious law changes that can make a big difference in your business?

The answer should be no! You need to focus on your dentistry and running your practice. Let us do the research for you. “The Tooth Cop” AKA Duane Tinker has a special talent for sorting through the piles of information and ferreting out what is relevant to Dentists! I am certain by now you have received our top notch emails packed with content and reviewed our website fat with Compliance information, goodies, tips and tools. That is what we GIVE away!

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Compliance Resources for your Dental Practice Compliance Resources for your Dental Practice
Do you want a resource you can depend on to get you up to the minute compliance changes? Do you want to attend the Dental Board meetings, committee hearings, congressional hearings, and the like? The big Dental Groups pay people to be there on the front lines…shouldn’t you have a representative there too? You have just as much skin in the game, maybe more. The Dental Compliance Alert Network will put you on the front-lines, without having to leave your front yard! Get news, updates, rule changes and most importantly opportunities to speak your mind and instructions on how to be heard when and wherever possible.

Check out The Dental Compliance Alert Network. It could be the answer to your Compliance Concerns.

The benefits of joining the Compliance Alert Network:

  • Helpline Access!
    Access to the best and brightest Dental Compliance Experts by phone and email.
  • Monthly Newsletter packed full of useful Compliance information you can use in your practice right away!
    Regular columns: OSHA / Infection Control, HIPAA, Sample Compliance Policies and Review, Record Keeping Corner and Practice Management
  • CDs jammed with great content-private interviews, chats with the Tooth Cop (Duane Tinker).
    It’s like having one-on-one consulting with the expert in Dental Compliance in the US.
  • State specific “HOT SHEET” with information and compliance news specific to your state.
    State Board issues, new rules, news and current trends
    Opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard
  • Urgent UPDATE emails for items that require your immediate attention.
  • Email access to the most highly specialized Dental Compliance Consultants in the country
  • Online Access to forms and tools covered in the Newsletter
  • Online Access to back issues
  • FREE OSHA Training for your Staff  (limited to one location per membership)
  • FREE HIPAA Training for your Staff (limited to one location per membership)
  • One Complimentary Compliance Consultation per year of membership
    Get 30 minutes of consulting with a Compliance Specialist each year. Ask any compliance questions. Save it for an emergency or stock pile your questions…Use this time however you would like to.

This is a a great option for Practice Owners, Practicing Dentists, Compliance Officers and Dental Practice Management Consultants!



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