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How Do You Know Which Program is Right for Your Practice?
Answer 1 Simple Question:

Do you Participate in Medicaid, Medicare, TriCare or any other Government Program?



 Then you need the Compliance Advantage Gold




Dental Compliance Specialists presents The Compliance Advantage Program Gold. This program was designed for Dentists who want a Done-With-You Compliance Program with all the bells and whistles. The CAP Gold is engineered to meet the stringent compliance program requirements  for Dentists who take Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or any other government program.

The Compliance Advantage Gold Program includes everything from the Silver Program PLUS the additional elements required of a Medicare, Medicaid and/or Tricare Compliance Program.

  • OSHA compliance manual and forms;icoshaicon
  • OSHA inspection;
  • Infection Control inspection;
  • Confidential OSHA/ Infection Control inspection report;
  • OSHA/ Infection Control checklists with monitoring by DCS;
  • Unlimited access to online OSHA training;
  • HIPAA compliance manual and forms;
  • HIPAA Privacy Audit/Inspection;
  • HIPAA Security Audit/ Inspection
  • Done-With-You Annual Risk Analysis;
  • Confidential HIPAA audit report;
  • HIPAA checklists with monitoring by DCS;
  • Unlimited access to online HIPAA training;
  • Radiology Control compliance manual and forms;
  • Radiation Control inspection;
  • Confidential Radiation Control inspection report;
  • Unlimited access to phone/ email support;
  • Compliance Alert Newsletter and e-mails to alert you of new/ changing regulations and other information radiologyiconstraightyou need to know/ review.

PLUS the following required elements for Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare Providers :

  • Controlled Substances inspection; (for Practices providing sedation)
  • Confidential Controlled Substances inspection report;
  • Controlled Substances compliance checklists with monitoring by DCS;
  • Controlled Substance log book(s) (up to 2 sets/ year);
  • Unlimited access to online Controlled Substances compliance training;
  • Ongoing review of advertising/ marketing for compliance with federal and state rules and regulations;
  • Medicaid Compliance Plan and related forms;
  • Written Corporate Compliance policies and procedures;
  • Annual review of office forms;
  • Exclusions/ Sanctions monitoring of dentist(s) and employees;
  • Unlimited access to online Medicaid Compliance/ Fraud,
    Waste and Abuse (FWA) training;
  • Section 1557 civil rights/ Limited English Proficiency inspection, compliance resources and employee training;

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So What does the Compliance Advantage Program Experience Look Like?

Every month, our Compliance Advantage Program clients receive a package that contains the monthly newsletter with premium articles and content, like this! They also get several checklists like this (OSHA, HIPAA & Infection Control) that help their staff document their compliance activities.

We provide 5 virtual inspection of your practice, walking you and your staff through one area of compliance making sure your office is up to par. We have done hundreds of virtual inspections and find it super effective. Our “inspections” take the form of a coaching session. We are not trying to catch anyone doing anything wrong. We are simply helping your staff learn their compliance job and to help them keep your practice in compliance.

The number of our virtual visits keep us in your office on a regular basis. This revolutionary approach to compliance allows us to build a relationship with your practice, which is our favorite part! The virtual inspections cover: OSHA, Infection Control, HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security and Radiology specific to your dental practice. We do the inspections with whomever is responsible for that area (eg. HIPAA is done with your HIPAA Privacy/Security Officer, etc). The inspections take about 45 minutes so we don’t interrupt production and the individuals responsible for each area of compliance get one-on-one direction and instruction.

When we are not doing virtual inspections, we are helping you write policies and Compliance plans, providing training for your staff online, doing chart audits (if you added that to your plan) answering questions for you and your staff and monitoring government agencies and regulatory boards for more changes. We are interacting with you every month in some way.

Your staff will log in to Compliance Hub and access OSHA and HIPAA training which is required upon new hire, annually and whenever you want to offer it for refresher training and remedial training. It is always available.

Your staff will log into Compliance Hub to access all of our Compliance Resources- Forms for OSHA, HIPAA, DEA, DPS, Radiology, Infection Control, and much more!

You will receive Customized Compliance Plans and SOPs! These plans are required for practitioners taking Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare payments!

You will have peace of mind knowing that there is a team of highly specialized consultants that have your back! We check your office and train you and your staff members how to protect your practice with proper compliance program activities.

You and your staff can call the Helpline and get professional helpful accurate assistance any time you need it! Most clients tell their staff to call us for any Compliance question. We are a member of your team!

Our highly specialized Consultants support your practice through thorough virtual inspections and clear remediation of issues that surface. We don’t leave you with a long checklist of things to do. We walk you through doing it during the inspection, taking that pressure off, and allowing our clients to do what they do best- helping patients.

Join the Compliance Advantage Program Gold and get your practice protected!
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